The Brookfield Hall Restoration Project

The restoration of our beautiful old Brookfield Hall is now entering its final stages.

Over the past four months the Hall has been successfully raised with new bearers installed that has stabilised the century year old building and its iconic towers.

The old annexe, badly damaged by termites, has been removed and a new one constructed. Within the structure are steel portal frames which are bolted to a new concrete slab. These steel frames also brace the main hall and ensure its long-term future. The concrete floor slab also minimises the risk of further termite damage.

Finlayson’s Trade Base has generously supplied new Hoop Pine external chamferboards made specially to match the profile of the earlier 1871 Hall and also new windows and timber doors to the same pattern. The new annexe reflects the origins of the earlier hall and is deliberately in contrast to the weatherboard cladding and style of its century old main hall companion.

The Hall now has one floor level throughout and the usable floor space has been increased twofold. In addition, a new fully equipped catering kitchen has been installed, a handsome side entrance created and a secure internal storeroom built in.

To complement the Hall restoration disability graded pathways will be added linking the Hall and its surrounds to a new unisex disabled toilet within the existing toilet block. Exterior sandstone walls have been added together with new exterior lighting.

The excellent work has been carried out by the Brookfield based builder Jason Richardson & Co and his enthusiastic team, overseen by our long term Honorary Architect Harvey Russell, a proud Brookfieldian.

It is expected the Hall will be back in action at the end of June and the new toilet operational by mid-July.

Funds for the restoration have come from the Brisbane City Council, the Queensland Government, the Brookfield Recreation Reserve Trust, the Brookfield Show Society and from the hundred and fifty families and businesses who have donated. Their names will be listed for perpetuity on a handsome gold lettered honour board that will be installed in the new annexe.

The public appeal will remain open until 30 June.

The Brookfield Hall Restoration Committee

11 June 2018

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