Seeking Stewards for the 2018 Brookfield Show

It takes a team effort to organise and run the annual Brookfield Show.

The Society is “Desperately Seeking Susan Stewards” for a number of areas for 2018.

If you are interested in any of the below areas, or would like to see where you can help, please contact the Show Society President  Jenny Paratz via email 


Entertainment Stewards

Required to design entertainment program for the annual show and book various acts during show eg bands, BMX bikes, clowns

Design a run sheet for the show

Be present during the 3 days of the show and ensure the events run smoothly

Ideally you will be a creative person and methodical. This position requires a number of people.

Assistance can be given from the executive and the resigning entertainment steward in designing the programme.

Approximate hours 2 hours per week leading to the show

10+ hours per day during the show (May 18th -20th 2018)


Guinea Pig Steward

This positon involves running a 2 hour show of pet guinea pigs during the show.

This will be local children entering their pets, not professionals

You will need to develop an entry form and schedule for the classes and ask for ribbons to be ordered.

Assistance will be given with previous entry forms, ribbon orders and schedules which can be reused.

Assistance will also be given in setting up the tent.

Judges will be provided

Approximate hours will be 5 hours leading up to the show and 3 hours during the show


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