The Brookfield Oval

The famous Brookfield Oval is the centrepiece of the Showground.  For more than a century it has been ring centre for the Brookfield Show and the home ground of the Brookfield United Cricket Club and for more than half a century has been the home ground of the Brookfield Horse and Pony Club. It has hosted everything from the Show Ball, to Rugby, to Touch Football, to Opera, to the Brookfield Shindig and many equestrian events such as Polocrosse, Camp Drafting, Cutting, Rodeos and Trotting.

These days it is extensively used throughout the year by the Brookfield Horse and Pony Club, the Brookfield United Cricket Club and for the Brookfield Show, together with touch football groups and horse training activities, leaving little time available for casual hire.

What the Brookfield Oval can be hired for?

Any event that is deemed conducive by the Trustees. This may include equestrian and other sporting events that do not damage the surface, large scale celebratory occasions such as a picnic days, cultural events such as opera or musical concerts and passive events such as a vintage car exhibition.

What Brookfield Oval cannot be hired for?

Any event that generates excessive noise could damage the Oval’s surface or may generate public attendance beyond the capacity of the showground to host.

Cost of Hire

Full day hire for a major event: $750 plus a $500 bond.

Half day hire for a minor event $350 plus a $250 bond.

Casual use: $35 per hour – with lights $70 per hour.

Complete grounds: by negotiation.

Stables and yards: by negotiation based on $35 per horse per day

Conditions of Hire

The Oval must be left in the condition in which it was found. All rubbish must be removed, any promotional material taken down and any damage repaired.  Any cost of making good damage and or cleaning the ground will be deducted from the bond.