2018 Brookfield Long Lunch Table for 10 people


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The annual Brookfield Long Lunch is a major fundraiser for The Brookfield Show Society with event profits directed to infrastructure improvements at the historic Brookfield Showgrounds.  

This year we are also adding something new at the Brookfield Long Lunch for our farmers. 66% of Queensland’s land area is drought declared (March 2018).
Some farmers in Western Queensland are facing their sixth year of drought. The 2018 Brookfield Long Lunch wants you to help “keep the dream alive” for our Aussie Farmers by making a per table donation of $50 or $100 to the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners, a drought relief group founded by truckie Brendan “Bumpa” Farrell in 2014.
Bumpa and his truckie mates have completed 11 successful hay runs to help drought affected farmers in Queensland and New South Wales. All trucks, hay, machinery, driving time, harvest time and the actual hay itself is donated – the 2016 run involved 258 trucks, $6 million worth of hay delivered to 800 farmers feeding 300,000 beasts.  It costs approximately $2,000 in fuel for a truck do to ‘a run’ so we are aiming to get as many trucks on the road as we can.
As we sit lunching long with our mates, let’s do the Aussie thing and spare a thought and a few bucks for Bumpa and his team to get the next hay run off to our farming mates.
Please note, donations are not tax deductible and are made to the Rotary Club of Sydney as they handle all monetary donations on behalf of the Burrumbuttock Hayrunners.  They are not a charity or organisation, just a bunch of blokes trying to help out a fellow Aussie in times of hardship.  We will also be donating proceeds from the day to the Hayrunners.