About the Showground

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A warm welcome to our historic century old Brookfield Showground, which is at the heart of all that happens in Brookfield.

 general-6The Brookfield Showground and its facilities are administered by the Brookfield Recreation Reserve Trust, which came into being for this purpose in 1921.

 The Reserve is the home of the Brookfield Show Society, the Brookfield United Cricket Club and the Brookfield Horse and Pony Club, all long-term, integral parts of Brookfield’s proud history .

 Also located in historic buildings on the Reserve, are the Brookfield General Store and Cafe, Brookfield Agencies and the Brookfield Hair Studio, which through their rentals contribute substantially to the upkeep of the Reserve.general-3

 As you will see by browsing through this website, that there are a  myriad of activities based at the Showground,  which cover Art, Sport, Fitness, Markets, Entertainment, Celebrations, Community Groups and not least the annual Brookfield Show.

 Use this website to take the time to familiarise yourself with “what’s on” and all that happens at the Brookfield Showground and you will soon appreciate what a unique community it is that  we have at Brookfield

The Trustees are:

Don Chandler- President. 33743864 & 0407110320

Peter Israel – Vice President.

Kelly O’Hanlon – Treasurer. 33744103 & 0418877374

Jonathan Snow  – Secretary.

Andy McGregor – Grounds. 33742852 & 0413004627