Businesses On Brookfield Road

Brookfield General Store & Cafe

Brookfield General Store

The building housing the Brookfield General Store and Cafe has a long history.

It was built in 1874 as the school teacher’s residence for the new National School, later to become the Brookfield State School on Boscombe Rd.

Being only four rooms it became somewhat too small for a later head teacher who had nine children. When the Department of Education decided to replace the building in 1932 the Trustees of the Hall bought it, moved it to where it is now and brought into being the Brookfield Store.

For the past eight decades this 140 year old building has done the district proud as our Brookfield General Store. It has had a cavalcade of memorable personalities as storekeeper, including the first, a Mr Batozak, who was contracted to paint the Hall and unforgettably colourful characters in Percy Turpin and Victor Roubin.

In very recent times it has been operated by Ken and Fiona Ormiston and his cheerful store manager Guito Poisson and is now in the very capable hands of Christian and Tiffany Hedberg.

Get to know what is offered at this wonderful business, by going to their website.

 Brookfield Agencies

Brookfield Agencies

Brookfield Agencies has been operating as a Prestige Property Specialist from the General Store group of buildings for more than three decades. Its principal is Kim Rolph –Smith, who knows Brookfield like the back of his hand. Brookfield Agencies has been a very generous sponsor of many activities held on the Showground

If you wish to know more of what Brookfield Agencies has to offer visit their website

Brookfield Hair Cottage

Brookfield Hair Cottage has been cutting, styling and pampering the locks and tresses of Brookfieldians for more than twenty years. It is such an integral part of Brookfield that it feels they have been there forever.

Now operated by Jenny Burton and her cheerful team of specialist hair dressers, it is the only place to go in Brookfield if you want the very best of treatment and to catch up on all the Brookfield news.

The phone number is 33741088 and it is right beside the Brookfield General Store and Cafe if you need a coffee beforehand, or after.