Terms & Conditions

Membership and Show Tickets – Terms and Conditions

Membership to the Brookfield Show Society Inc is in accordance with the Rules of the Brookfield Show Society Inc (BSS) (ABN 61 448 808 819).

Members agree to be bound by these rules along with the following terms and conditions pertaining to tickets to the Annual Show.

  1. Membership Cards & Tickets are issued for the use at the Brookfield Show.
  2. The BSS is not liable to give a refund or exchange the membership or tickets for any reason.
  3. The operation of some attractions many be affected by adverse weather conditions or maintenance activities.
  4. The BSS reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists, displays, exhibitions and attractions and/or vary advertised programs, prices, seating arrangements and audience capacity.
  5. The BSS reserves the right to prohibit the use of cameras, audio and video recorders.
  6. The BSS reserves the right to inspect all bags and containers being brought into the Brookfield Showground and refuse entry to any person carrying any item that in the BSS’s absolute discretion is dangerous or prohibited.
  7. The BSS reserves the right to refuse entry to any person whose ticket is damaged, has been defaced in any way, does not have a full visible barcode or was not obtained through a ticket seller authorised by the BSS. Only printed tickets are valid for entry. Fraudulent use will be referred to police.
  8. The BSS reserves the right to require the presentation of ID or proof or age for entering on a Concession, or Child Pass.
  9. Persons entering the Brookfield Showgrounds do so at their own risk. The BSS accepts no liability for any injury, loss or damage to any person or thing.
  10. Persons entering the Brookfield Showground waive all rights in relation to any photograph, image or likeness of them produced whilst attending the Brookfield Show. The BSS retains all rights in all images it produces.
  11. No Alcohol or drugs of any type shall be bought on to the premises.
  12. Scooters (except mobility Scooters), skateboards, bicycles, roller blades or other equipment that may interfere with pedestrian traffic are not permitted.
  13. Dogs with the exception of assistance dogs (i.e. guide dogs) are not allowed on the showground.