Needlework to nails — all things creative and crafty are catered for in the children’s handicraft competition. Open to pre-schoolers to Year 12 students, it’s an opportunity to show off ceramics, pottery, screen printing, leatherwork, woodwork, and more!

Exhibition Night

Thursday 17th May, 5:45pm.
Prizes announced at 6pm. All welcome!

Delivery of Craft. Submit entry form at time of delivery.

Art Pavilion, Brookfield Showgrounds
550 Brookfield Rd, Brookfield

Saturday, 12th May (9-11am) OR Monday, 14th May (8-10am – last available delivery time)

Collection of Work.

Sunday, 20th May (5-6pm) OR Monday, 21st May (7:30-9:30am).

For further information please contact:
Contact Linda Bridges – Chief Steward Children’s Art