Preparations for Brookfield Show Society’s Brookfield Show 2020 are currently underway. This year’s event celebrates the 110th anniversary of Brookfield Show’s multi-day format. The Stewards and Officials are busy perfecting the various content, including schedules, for each competition. There have been no updates for this competition yet. Please follow Brookfield Show Society on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and subscribe to our monthly newsletter for information about Brookfield Show 2020. In addition, keep checking the competition page for this year’s details which will be uploaded as soon as possible.


The Family Shield will reward the most successful family across all the Brookfield Show Competitions.

Family is defined as 1-2 adults living in the same household as children for whom they are primary carer. Children can be stepbrother/sisters, half brothers/sisters, grandchildren and foster children.

The rules exclude adult children, aunts, uncles and cousins, in-laws living in another house.

3 points for 1st prize, 2 for 2nd prize, 1 for 3rd prize, 4 for champion or best in section/show.

Marks will be multiplied by the number of sections in which a prize was won.