Brookfield Show Needle Crafts & Patchwork Competition is a visual feast that celebrates the talents of creative people who pick up a needle in its many forms and produce tapestries, clothes, knitwear, dolls, bears, quilts, lace and so much more …

The displays differ from year to year. As the Brookfield Hall fills, the entries are catalogued, judged and displayed. Show-goers are left in admiration of the flair demonstrated by both adults and students. From young children coveting a teddy bear to older visitors reminiscing about lacy doilies from their past, the display provides a lot of joy to visitors and is always a highlight of Brookfield Show.

Each year sees both a newly themed Quilt Challenge for stitchers to create and a Donated Block Challenge. The latter allows local residents to donate their blocks which Brookfield Needle Crafts & Patchwork sew together over Brookfield Show weekend. The completed quilt is then donated to a charity as a raffle prize. The Nerada Tea Cosy Competition is another source of entertainment that provides plenty of quirky decorations for a teapot.

As usual, visitors are welcome to come and admire the skills of many clever people at Brookfield Show. The Needle Craft and Patchwork entrants are displayed in Brookfield Community Hall on the 15th – 17th May.

If you would like to sponsor or donate to Brookfield Needle Crafts & Patchwork please contact Chris Franz.

The Brookfield Show Society is a not-for-profit organisation. All sponsorships are repurposed for prizes and the upkeep of Brookfield Community Hall, Brookfield Show Needle Crafts & Patchwork and Brookfield Showgrounds.

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