The Long Yard


The Long Yard is fully fenced in area of the Showground adjoining the main Oval. It contains a top quality Multipurpose Sand Arena and an adjoining holding yard.

It is lit by overhead lighting and is overlooked by a terraced grandstand capable of seating approximately 500 people. It is also overlooked by the Pony Club and Show Society Members Bar buildings.

The area is mainly used for equestrian activities such as horse competition and training and is used a as a main focus of ring events at the Brookfield Show. It is also the site of the annual Brookfield Bush Christmas

All bookings must be made through the website.

What the Long Yard can be hired for?

Any events deemed conducive by the Trustees, which includes equestrian events, small scale musical events and the like or outdoor exhibitions.

The Sand Arena is principally an equestrian arena and strict conditions apply to its use. (see The Long Yard – Conditions of Use below)

What the Long Yard cannot be hired for.

Any large scale amplified musical event and any event that is not conducive to the Showground culture or is beyond the capacity of the Showground to handle.

Cost of Hire

Equestrian Use

DSC01338Hourly rate: daylight hours $40 per hr or with lights $50 pr hr (no split hours)

Half day rate: daylight (8-12 or 1-5) $140 or evening with lights (6-10) $190

Full day rate: daylight (8-5) $300 plus evening with lights extra $50

Non- equestrian use: similar rates depending on type of event.

Major events – by negotiation starting at $750 per day.

Conditions of Hire

The Long Yard and surrounds must be left in the same condition in which it was found, with all rubbish removed and any damage repaired.

For large scale events a bond will be required to cover any possible repair of damage or after event cleaning.

Specific Long Yard Conditions of Use are listed below

The Long Yard – Conditions of Use

FullSizeRenderThe Long Yard is available for both equestrian activities and other general activities deemed suitable by the Trustees. Enquiries and Bookings must be made through the website

The Sand Arena within the Long yard has very specific conditions applying to it use:

  • Because of the holding layer underneath the sand no activities which may puncture the layer are permitted. This includes driving in any timber, or metal stakes, star pickets, tent pegs and or any other implement that could cause such damage.
  • Up to medium weight vehicles are permitted on the surface to transport materials in and out but under no circumstances are “bobcats” permitted as the turning pressure will fracture the layer.
  • There must be no glass, or metal objects brought on to the arena. Anything that may shatter, splinter, or fragment and may embed in and contaminate the sand layer is prohibited.
  • After equestrian use all manure and any other debris must be removed and placed in the manure storage bin located at the entrance to the holding yard. A barrow, shovel, fork and gloves are provided for this purpose.
  • Any non-equestrian activities must be authorised by the Trust and comply with these same conditions of care of the facility.

The Holding Yard and Laneway do not have these restrictions, but any manure or other debris must be removed following use.

Use of the Long Yard and Holding Yard does not provide for access to the Oval and a separate booking is required and approval gained before access and use.

All planned use must be paid for at the time of booking and no access will be granted until this occurs.

Any breach of these conditions will preclude further use of the facility.

Authorised by the Trustees with effect 1 January 2016.