About Us

A warm welcome to our historic Brookfield Showground, the heart of all that happens in Brookfield.

Brookfield Showground and its facilities are administered by Brookfield Recreation Reserve Trust, a body established on 30 June 1921.

The organisation has consistently discharged its broader responsibilities for the area with great care. Brookfield Showgrounds is what it is today, through the foresight and perseverance of so many Trustees over the past century. To see a full list of the extraordinary individuals who have contributed their time and efforts please click here.

Brookfield Recreation Reserve Trust oversees a number of groups located on Brookfield Showgrounds, including Brookfield Show Society, Brookfield United Cricket Club and Brookfield Horse and Pony Club. We also have a close association with a number of other community groups that use our facilities from time to time.

Brookfield Showgrounds is also home to Brookfield General Store and Cafe, Brookfield Agencies and Brookfield Hair Studio, businesses with rentals contributing to the upkeep of the area.

A myriad of fun and engaging activities are held at Brookfield Showgrounds. From art to sport, markets to marquee affairs, local residents are eager to participate in the various events.

Our history dates back to 1872, when a region of forty acres was put aside and subsequently divided into Cemetery, Recreation and School Reserves. The Reserve was a natural meeting place, at the junction of Brookfield and Upper Brookfield Roads as well as Gold Creek Road, main valley roads.

This was the precursor to what is now Brookfield Cemetery, Brookfield Showgrounds and Brookfield State School. 

We have a very special Brookfield Showground, which has been developed through more than a century of shared vision and determination. The vast array of groups, businesses and events is central to the community and will continue to be for many decades to come.