Dear Friends

We would like to inform you of an important change to the access arrangements for vehicles at the Brookfield Showgrounds.

The Showgrounds are used by many ,000’s of our community during the year, with over 600 actual events booked such as classes, community meetings and functions.  Also, there are many casual members of the community that access the Showgrounds including elderly community members and schoolchildren travelling between Brookfield Road and the school.

The busy nature of the Showgrounds has seen a progressive increase in vehicle movements within the Showgrounds, and particularly on the roadways behinds the Members Bar and adjacent to the Hall/Shops, and the Showgrounds being used as a parking area for bus commuters and the general public.

The combination of multiple casual vehicle movements, particularly around the times of school drop off and pick up, with unsupervised children in the same area, now presents an increased and unacceptable risk.

Following a risk review conducted in October 2022, and in parallel with speed zone changes being undertaken by the BCC in respect to Brookfield Road in January 2022, the Showgrounds has become a 24/7 pedestrian only precinct.

What does this mean?  Unless you have an authorised reason to access the Showgrounds with your vehicle then you cannot drive into, through or park on the Showgrounds.

Authorised access includes:

  • Garbage collection;
  • Trade and maintenance activity related to the Showgrounds;
  • Delivery and collection of hire and related equipment for booked activities on the grounds (e.g The Annual Brookfield Show, Wedding bookings of the hall);
  • Upper area (Art Pavilion level) access for short hire users within school times.
  • Commercial property (Hair Salon, General Store and Real Estate) staff only access via the Art Pavilion gate for limited parking between the shop and the cookery pavilion;
  • Disabled access for booked Hall events.

Thank you for your understanding and support of this important initiative aimed at protecting our more vulnerable community members, and maintaining the Showgrounds as a precinct for safe community recreation and enjoyment.


The Trustees